About Us

Jageshwar news was launched in march 2014 from Bareilly (U.P) by journalist Mayank Gupta. Jageshwar news is Regd. with Registrar of newspapers for India,Ministry of Information of Broadcasting,Government of India. from march 2013 we are doing work with our team. Jageshwar news started its National Edition from Bareilly, thus, becoming the first newspaper in India to achieve this feet.

Our mission to show the truth of the country to all over the world. We started the work for with our team just because to tell the each and every activity happened in the country.

Our vision to help each and every person for getting the fair judge in any issue with showing the correct news to every persons on time. An obvious statement would be "We value diversity." Without a further description of what "valuing diversity" means, it may be hard for people to link this statement with their work. Because inclusiveness is about treating people with respect, and because good management and leadership practices are related to successful inclusiveness practices, oftentimes values statements that do not directly relate to inclusiveness can be useful in creating a more inclusive organizational culture. For instance, such values as "We will treat each other fairly" and "We will value the opinions of others" don't directly mention inclusiveness, but they can promote the development of an inclusive organization.